About US

Hi, I’m Daniel. In 2023, I started to explore cabin living and frugality because I wanted to get out of debt and lower my expenses. By 2023 that led me to build my first website dedicated to cabin living.

Meanwhile by 2023 my fiancee Julie and I went from living in a 1400 square foot apartment to a cabin.

That’s when I was inspired to start a blog (Cabin Prime) using WordPress. I figured it was the perfect way to keep sharing my passion for affordable tiny cabin and log cabin!
So welcome! Grab a cup of coffee, or tea and enjoy! This is a place for you to explore, dream, and share!

We love sharing Rustic Cabin, Log Cabin, A-Frame Cabin and tiny cabin living stories that are interesting, inspiring, and sometimes even thought-provoking! Plus you can take part in the comments throughout.

We’re here to show you affordable and alternative cabin ideas and options. We’re here to inspire you to think creatively through the content we get to share with you every day!

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