Amazing A Unique Getaway With Our Log Cabin Airbnb

Step into the Amazing A Unique Getaway With Our Log Cabin Airbnb Timber Pub, a delightful spot ideal for entertaining guests.

Inside, you’ll be greeted by a magnificent array of the owner’s treasured family trophies and awards, each holding its own special story.

These rustic timber interiors proudly showcase a history of dedication, triumphs, and strong family connections.

Bathroom Bliss:

Photo courtesy of Golden Ealge

Step into a realm of sophistication as we explore the bathrooms within this exceptional property.

These spaces are not merely utilitarian; they are a canvas of artistic expression and functional elegance.

The carefully chosen tiles create a visual spectacle, harmonizing with the practicality of spacious showers and thoughtfully designed storage options.

The bathrooms are a testament to a perfect fusion of form and function, with semi-private toilet areas and storage solutions such as custom wine racks and linen cabinets, all contributing to an environment of both opulence and practicality.

Bedroom Retreats:

Photo courtesy of Golden Ealge

The bedrooms within this haven are more than just places to rest; they are sanctuaries of tranquility.

Immerse yourself in the plush comfort of carefully curated furnishings and luxurious bedding.

Each room is a unique blend of style and relaxation, offering residents a serene retreat after a long day.

The design seamlessly integrates aesthetic appeal with the functionality of well-placed furniture, creating an atmosphere that is both inviting and rejuvenating.

Living Room

Photo courtesy of Golden Ealge

The heart of the home, the living room, is a grand space that exudes opulence and warmth.

Adorned with meticulously chosen furnishings, the design strikes a perfect balance between comfort and sophistication.

The wood-burning fireplace becomes the focal point, offering not just warmth but also a cozy ambiance during colder seasons.

The detailed timber trusses and reclaimed brick accents further elevate the living space, creating an inviting environment that encourages both intimate gatherings and moments of relaxation.


Photo courtesy of Golden Ealge

The kitchen is a culinary masterpiece, combining cutting-edge functionality with timeless design.

The Golden Eagle log and Timber homes have orchestrated a symphony of cabinetry and appliances that seamlessly integrate into the overall aesthetic.

A copper sink and countertop add a touch of luxury, while a Subzero refrigerator and a carefully crafted drink rail cater to both practicality and style.

The attention to detail, from the intricate tile backsplash to the raised platform for appliances, transforms the kitchen into a space where cooking becomes an art.

Entertainment Oasis:

Photo courtesy of Golden Ealge

Venture into the property’s entertainment oasis – the pool pub. This space is not just an area for hosting; it is a testament to durability and style.

The waterproof flooring, mimicking reclaimed wood, ensures longevity without compromising on the aesthetics.

The atmosphere is enriched by a captivating motorcycle collection, featuring iconic models like Jeff Ward’s 85 Works Edition Kawasaki and Jeremy McGrath’s 96 CR250.

The pool pub becomes a haven for enthusiasts and guests alike, providing an alluring space for both relaxation and admiration.

Greenhouse Tranquility and Poolside Luxury

Photo courtesy of Golden Ealge

Discover a charming greenhouse, adding a touch of greenery to the property.

Functionality meets aesthetics as the greenhouse becomes not just a haven for plants but also an ideal storage space for pool toys during the off-season.

Moving to the pool area, witness a carefully designed space for ultimate enjoyment.

The layout of water-resistant furniture, including chairs and couches, ensures durability without compromising comfort.

The pool house stands as a weather-resistant, all-season entertainment space, inviting residents and guests to indulge in a world of luxury.

Architectural Details Unveiled

Photo courtesy of Golden Ealge

Beyond the functional spaces, the architectural details within this property are a testament to meticulous planning and craftsmanship.

The exterior features a striking combination of log and stone, with attention-grabbing design elements like the upper Gable window.

The covered porch, with its structural turkey track trusses, not only adds architectural appeal but also provides an ideal space for gatherings and relaxation.

Craftsmanship in Every Detail

Photo courtesy of Golden Ealge

The meticulous craftsmanship extends to every corner of the property. Hand-peeled log siding, unique and custom in its design, showcases the dedication to detail.

River Rock wainscoting ties into the original home structure, creating a seamless transition between old and new.

Concrete piers, strategically placed to support structural columns, exemplify the thoughtful approach to both design and functionality.

The Bedroom with bath tub

Photo courtesy of Golden Ealge

Enter the incredible bar, a masterpiece of design and functionality.

The cabinetry, designed at Golden Eagle log and Timber homes, becomes an heirloom piece.

The bar is not just a space for libations; it’s a gathering place for up to eight people, with additional standing room.

Reflective mirrors, intricate arches, and a wood-burning fireplace create an ambiance that transcends seasons, making it a perfect retreat even in colder months.

Copper-Clad Elegance:

Photo courtesy of Golden Ealge

The use of real copper throughout the property adds a touch of timeless elegance.

From the ceiling with its patina showcasing its age to the copper sink in the bar area, every detail reflects a commitment to authenticity.

The copper theme extends to the edge of countertops, separating the drink rail from the rest, creating a visual delight.

A Bathroom with Wit and Charm

Photo courtesy of Golden Ealge

Even the smallest spaces within this property are not overlooked.

The bathroom of the log cabin is a place of both humor and beauty, features a clever reference that adds a touch of whimsy.

The carefully designed details, from step stones behind wall sconces to a structural support turned display area for trophies, showcase an unwavering commitment to both aesthetics and functionality.

In conclusion, this unique property is a symphony of design, craftsmanship, and thoughtful planning.

Each space tells a story, inviting residents and guests to experience a lifestyle where luxury meets practicality, and every detail contributes to a living masterpiece.

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