Amazing Tiny House with Hot Tub and Sauna is the Best

Tucked away in the Tiny House of scenic landscapes of South London, Vermont, the Dearwood Hill cabin stands as a testament to vintage charm. Set against the breathtaking canvas of fall colors hues of red, orange, and yellow the cabin beckons with a magical allure.

The exterior, adorned with rustic wood siding and framed by sturdy beams, showcases a timeless post and beam construction. Located on a sprawling 4-acre private property, the cabin promises seclusion, surrounded by nature’s beauty.

The carefully landscaped grounds, devoid of neighboring structures, amplify the sense of privacy and create a serene haven for those seeking refuge from the urban hustle.

The Loft Bedroom:

Ascending the wooden stairs, guests are welcomed into the cozy loft space, where vintage aesthetics meet modern comfort.

The open layout accommodates a snug sleeping area with a full bed, nestled within a charming alcove created by slanting ceilings. On the opposite side, two additional beds offer a playful haven for children or extra space for guests.

The loft exudes a comforting warmth, with natural light streaming through skylight windows, creating an intimate atmosphere. A dresser and a closet provide practicality, ensuring guests feel at home in this elevated retreat.


Retaining the vintage charm, the bathrooms both downstairs and in the loft—embrace rustic aesthetics.

Featuring wooden flooring and functional layouts comprising vanities, toilets, and walk-in showers, these spaces seamlessly integrate modern functionality with classic appeal.

The bathrooms provide a relaxing environment within the cabin’s cozy ambiance, offering a perfect blend of comfort and nostalgia.

Hot Tub:

Adding a touch of indulgence to the cabin’s amenities, the hot tub offers a haven of relaxation amid the natural surroundings.

Positioned outdoors, this recent addition provides guests with an opportunity to unwind, surrounded by the tranquility of Vermont.

The clean water and serene setting create an inviting atmosphere, making the hot tub an ideal spot to rejuvenate and enjoy the crisp mountain air under the expansive Vermont sky.


 Tiny House

The kitchen serves as the heart of the cabin, embodying a delightful fusion of vintage aesthetics and modern functionality. Vintage appliances evoke a sense of nostalgia while remaining fully operational, bridging the gap between eras.

The cozy layout maximizes space, accommodating all necessities for culinary endeavors. Open shelves adorned with an array of dishes and utensils complement the vintage tiling and countertops, adding character to the space.

The kitchen exudes an intimate charm, inviting guests to cook amidst the cabin’s comforting ambiance and create memorable meals.

Living Space:

 Tiny House

The central living space of the cabin emanates a captivating allure with its spacious layout and captivating elements.

The massive stone fireplace takes center stage, radiating warmth and serving as a gathering point for cozy evenings.

The Restoration Hardware couch, complemented by additional seating, invites relaxation, while the nook with checkers offers a touch of playful charm.

Rich wooden beams overhead and warm lighting contribute to the cabin’s cozy atmosphere, creating an inviting space perfect for holiday gatherings or quiet evenings by the fire.

The attention to detail in the decor, from the rustic wooden mantle to the carefully selected furnishings, enhances the overall ambiance of this living space.

Outdoor Patio:

 Tiny House

The outdoor space of the cabin invites guests to immerse themselves in nature’s embrace. The expansive deck, surrounded by lush greenery, offers a tranquil setting for enjoying the crisp mountain air.

A gas fireplace on the deck provides an ideal spot for unwinding, creating a cozy atmosphere for outdoor relaxation. Descending the steps leads to a unique fire pit area, nestled atop a granite slab, offering a distinctive outdoor experience.

The moss-covered surroundings add to the ethereal charm, making it a picturesque spot to gather around a crackling fire and immerse in the natural beauty.

Additional features, such as a hot tub, enhance the outdoor experience, providing guests with opportunities for relaxation and connection with the surrounding landscape.

The Dearwood Hill cabin, with its meticulous attention to detail, stands as an idyllic retreat that seamlessly blends vintage allure with modern comforts.

The exterior, loft bedroom, bathrooms, hot tub, kitchen, living space, and outdoor patio collectively contribute to a comprehensive experience that transcends mere accommodation. Each element

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