Beautiful A-frame with the Lovely place

In the bustling city of Nairobi, amidst the conventional structures that dominate the skyline, stands a testament to architectural ingenuity the A-frame home.

A striking departure from traditional construction norms, this residence, captured in a detailed homeowners’ tour, unfolds as a contemporary masterpiece that seamlessly blends modern design with sustainable living practices.


Genesis of an Architectural Marvel


The story behind this exceptional A-frame home begins with Karen, an architect whose innovative spirit took flight when faced with an unexpected turn of events.

As a seasoned architect working on conventional projects, the cancellation of her ongoing endeavors during the global pandemic led her to explore uncharted territory.

The A-frame concept, rooted in her Norwegian ancestry, became the focal point of her creative endeavors.

It wasn’t just a design choice; it was a homage to the simplicity and elegance inherent in A-frame structures, dating back over a century.

Inspired by the beauty of these structures, Karen sought to reimagine them for a contemporary setting, especially considering the limitations posed by traditional building materials in Kenya.

Breaking Grounds with A-Frame Innovation


Traditionally, A-frames rely on wood for their construction, a material with its own set of challenges in Kenya. In a bold move, Karen opted for a shift to steel, offering not just reliability but also a more eco-friendly alternative.

The iron sheet roofing, a common housing material in Kenya, was chosen for its durability, affordability, and minimal environmental impact.

The foundation of the A-frame is a feat of engineering. Positioned on legs or stilts due to the undulating terrain, the structure stands elegantly above the ground.

The use of a pillar foundation, deeply anchored with metal rods, ensures stability even on challenging slopes.

It’s a marriage of practicality and aesthetics, demonstrating how thoughtful design can harmonize with the natural landscape.

Materials and Craftsmanship: A Symphony of Innovation


As we step into the heart of the A-frame, the meticulous choice of materials unfolds.

Gypsum and fiber cement boards clad the walls, providing both strength and insulation.

The exterior, once steel, is now adorned with wood for aesthetic appeal.

The decks, crafted from reclaimed wood, narrate a story of sustainability a grevillea tree that once stood on the site finding a new life in the very structure that replaced it.

The roofing system, often a costly affair in traditional Kenyan construction, takes a different route.

Affordable yet durable materials with a minimal carbon footprint become the star, showcasing that elegance need not come at an exorbitant cost.

The result is a roof that not only shelters but also complements the overall design ethos.

Spatial Dynamics: From Concept to Reality


The A-frame’s footprint, though modest at 43 square meters for the bottom floor, is an exemplar of efficient design.

A careful examination reveals a harmonious interplay of space, light, and functionality.

The upper floor, extending the living area by an additional 20 square meters, introduces a loft-style bedroom—a space-efficient solution that accentuates the iconic A-frame shape.

The outdoor deck, once a thriving grevillea tree, now serves as an extension of the living space.

The integration of nature into the design preserves the environment while providing a tranquil setting for the inhabitants.

The seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces is a testament to the holistic approach adopted in the A-frame’s conception.

Challenges and Triumphs: A Learning Journey


The journey from concept to realization was not without its challenges.

A small crew, experimentation with new methodologies, and the meticulous planning required to execute a vision that was a departure from the norm all contributed to a learning curve.

Yet, the architect’s dedication and prior research paved the way for a surprisingly swift construction period of three months.

The home’s unique design, however, isn’t without its critiques. Some might find the layout, with a downstairs bathroom and an upstairs bedroom, unconventional for long-term occupancy.

Yet, this very design choice lends an unparalleled sense of privacy and seclusion a rare commodity in the realm of modern architecture.


Beyond the Blueprint: Living in the A-Frame Sanctuary


Transitioning from the architect’s vision to a living, breathing space, the A-frame now stands as an Airbnb sanctuary aptly named the A-frame on Candy Ridge.

Elisa, the co-owner and manager, graciously walks us through this home-turned-retreat, providing insights into the daily operations and the unique experiences it offers to guests.

From the moment guests step onto the outdoor deck, they are enveloped in a curated atmosphere. The lounge, adorned with local artisanal lights, invites relaxation.

The kitchen, boasting Terrazzo finishes and high counters, becomes a focal point for both culinary enthusiasts and casual guests alike.


The loft-style bedroom, with its glass-encased walls, offers panoramic views of the surrounding greenery.

The architectural choices, from the barn door to the handcrafted cabinets, reflect not just functionality but a commitment to aesthetics.

The attention to detail extends to the bathroom, where Terrazzo meets rain showers and locally sourced body care products.


Sustainable Living in the Heart of Nairobi


Beyond aesthetics and comfort, sustainability is a cornerstone of the A-frame experience.

Elisa takes pride in sharing the property’s commitment to eco-conscious living.

From fiberglass insulation to a waste recycling system that converts 99% of collected waste into fertilizer and compost, every aspect of the A-frame aligns with a greener future.

The property, surrounded by lush greenery and a menagerie of friendly animals dogs, chickens, turkeys, and even tortoises adds a touch of rustic charm.

For guests seeking more than just a place to stay, the A-frame on Candy Ridge offers an immersive experience in sustainable living.

Airbnb Chronicles: Hosting in the A-Frame Haven


As an Airbnb Superhost, the management of the A-frame on Candy Ridge comes with its set of responsibilities and joys.

Elisa emphasizes the importance of going the extra mile for guests, offering fresh flowers upon arrival, and maintaining constant communication.

The property, a family-owned haven, welcomes guests into a world where animals roam freely, and the connection with nature is palpable.

With a nightly rate ranging from $125 to $145, the A-frame has become a sought-after destination for couples and friends exploring Nairobi.

The two-night minimum stay policy ensures that guests have the opportunity to immerse themselves fully in the unique experience the A-frame promises.

In conclusion

In conclusion, the A-frame home in Nairobi transcends its role as a dwelling; it emerges as a beacon of architectural innovation.

Its unconventional design, sustainable practices, and commitment to guest experience redefine the very essence of home.

Whether it’s the captivating aesthetics, thoughtful amenities, or the promise of a sustainable retreat, the A-frame stands as a blueprint for the future of modern living.

As interest in this architectural marvel grows, so does the prospect of its influence on future construction in Nairobi.

The A-frame is not just a home; it’s a legacy, an inspiration for architects and homeowners alike to embrace innovation, sustainability, and the seamless integration of living spaces with the environment.

The A-frame wonder in Nairobi isn’t just a house; it’s a philosophy—a testament to the belief that homes can be more than structures; they can be transformative experiences.

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