Beautiful Tiny House with Garage Door is Very Modern

Nestled on 14 Tiny House acres of private property in Chester, Vermont, Barefoot Cottage presents a picturesque exterior that harmonizes with its natural surroundings. As you approach the property, the immediate impression is one of serene tranquility. Ample parking space welcomes guests, ensuring convenience from the moment of arrival.

The exterior design seamlessly integrates with nature, surrounded by tall trees that provide a sense of privacy and seclusion.

The tiny house’s placement amidst the foliage adds to its charm, creating a feeling of being enveloped in a woodland oasis.

The property is thoughtfully landscaped, with gravel pathways and sizeable landscaping borders that frame the outdoor space, offering a structured yet natural appeal.

A striking feature that catches the eye upon arrival is the presence of a monumental bear statue, a defining element that lends the cottage its name.

This whimsical touch injects character into the setting, setting the tone for a stay that promises both comfort and a touch of playfulness.


The bathroom within Barefoot Cottage is a tranquil haven that seamlessly blends luxury and functionality.

The central vanity area is not only a practical space for personal grooming but also an aesthetically pleasing focal point. Adorned with stylish wallpaper, it adds a touch of elegance to the utilitarian aspects of the room.

What sets this tiny house apart is the inclusion of a washer-dryer combo unit cleverly integrated into the bathroom.

This multifunctional addition speaks to the thoughtful design philosophy, offering convenience without compromising on space.

The spacious shower, tiled meticulously from floor to ceiling, enhances the luxurious feel of the bathroom. With the faucet thoughtfully placed on the left side, the shower provides a comfortable and visually appealing experience.

Moving to the right side of the bathroom, we find a well-positioned toilet, completing the comprehensive layout.

The thoughtful placement of storage shelves on the left side ensures that necessities are within easy reach, adding to the functionality of this compact yet well-designed bathroom.


Ascending the wooden steps within Barefoot Cottage unveils the first loft, a cozy retreat that serves as the primary bedroom space. The simplicity of the design is intentional, creating a tranquil space for rest and rejuvenation.

The neatly set bed, flanked by night lights, provides a serene ambiance, making it an ideal escape after a day of outdoor activities in the expansive property.

Though compact, the bedroom loft doesn’t compromise on comfort. The inclusion of windows ensures that natural light filters through, creating a bright and airy atmosphere.

The design choices contribute to a minimalist aesthetic, fostering a sense of calm within the confined space.

Living Room:

The living room area within Barefoot Cottage is a masterclass in smart space utilization.

A spacious brown couch takes center stage, defying the common perception that tiny houses must sacrifice comfort for size. Positioned against one wall, it offers not only seating for relaxation but also adds a touch of warmth to the living space.

Opposite the couch, a TV and a selection of board games cater to both relaxation and entertainment needs. This thoughtful arrangement ensures that the living room serves multiple purposes, making it a versatile space within the tiny house.

The choice of neutral tones enhances the sense of space, creating an inviting environment for residents and guests alike.


The kitchen in Barefoot Cottage surprises with its generosity in space and functionality. Contrary to the cramped quarters often associated with tiny house kitchens, this space is remarkably spacious and well-equipped. The kitchen spans the entire left side of the tiny house, featuring an oven, a gas cooktop, and a large sink.

 Tiny House

The Live Edge wood countertop adds a touch of rustic charm to the dining area, where two chairs invite occupants to indulge in culinary delights.

Ample countertop space, floating shelves, and deep cabinets provide not only practical storage solutions but also contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of the kitchen.

This thoughtfully designed culinary haven showcases how a tiny space can be transformed into a chef’s dream, proving that size doesn’t dictate functionality.

Patio: Outdoor

 Tiny House

The outdoor space of Barefoot Cottage is an extension of its charm, offering a retreat amidst nature. The small deck, a rare feature in tiny houses, boasts chairs and a table, creating an ideal spot for outdoor relaxation.

This outdoor haven complements the interior, providing a seamless transition between the cozy confines of the tiny house and the vastness of the property.

 Tiny House

The property itself, spread across 14 acres of private land in Chester, Vermont, adds to the allure of Barefoot Cottage. Graveled pathways and landscaping borders guide residents and visitors through the natural beauty that surrounds the tiny house.

A picnic table, a fire pit with provided wood, and a discreetly positioned hot tub in the back corner offer a range of outdoor activities. String lights delicately strung throughout the area enhance the ambiance, creating a magical setting for evening gatherings or quiet moments of reflection.

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