Beautiful Two-Story Shipping Container House in Airbnb 2023

Imagine waking up to the Shipping Container gentle rustling of leaves, the symphony of birdsong, and the scent of fresh earth.

Now picture a unique structure nestled in the heart of a natural forest garden—an artful blend of creativity and sustainability.

Today, we invite you to explore the captivating story of a two-story shipping container house with a basement, standing as a masterpiece of innovation and artistic expression on the East Side of Long Island in Amagansett, New York.

Unveiling the Container Marvel

As you step into the realm of the container structure, you’re met with a sight that defies convention.

This shipping container house, a recipient of the prestigious AIA Peconic Award, stands tall as a testament to the fusion of architecture and nature.

Its purpose? An art studio—a haven for creativity to flourish and ideas to bloom.

Nature Meets Architecture

Perched on a high foundation wall, the container building comprises two 40 FT shipping containers.

But this is no ordinary assembly. A 9′ foundation wall was meticulously crafted to unveil an expansive canvas for architectural ingenuity.

It was on this canvas that the true magic unfolded—two shipping containers were carefully positioned.

The Transformation

The transformation began with a bold move. 75% of the lower sections of the shipping containers were sliced away, unveiling a sprawling expanse with soaring ceilings.

This architectural decision was nothing short of revolutionary, for it allowed for a spacious art gallery to flourish on the lower level.

The space itself became an art piece, a canvas that could house the creations of the mind.

A Stairway to Creativity

Inside this container masterpiece, a staircase stands as more than just a means of transition. It’s a journey from artistry to inspiration.

As you ascend, the art gallery downstairs transitions seamlessly into a haven for sitting and working.

This staircase is more than just steps—it’s a bridge between worlds, an embodiment of the artistic process.

The Artist’s Haven

Crafted for an artist who sought a creative sanctuary adjacent to their home, this structure provides 840 sqft of versatile space.

It’s a space where ideas breathe, evolve, and take shape.

The price tag of this ingenious container house, a mere $60,000, speaks to the possibilities that lie within sustainable architecture.

A Harmonious Blend with Nature

Look closely, and you’ll notice that the shipping containers, painted black, serve as a subtle nod to the surrounding environment.

They stand in harmony with the natural landscape, retreating into the shadows of their densely forested surroundings.

This is not just a structure—it’s an homage to the world that nurtures it.

A Symphony of Creativity and Sustainability

As the sun’s rays filter through the leaves and dance upon the container’s facade, one thing becomes clear: this is more than a container house.

It’s a symphony of creativity and sustainability. It’s a reminder that innovation need not clash with nature—it can dance alongside it, enhancing its beauty.

A Canvas for Possibilities

This container house, designed with an artist’s needs in mind, offers a canvas for endless possibilities.

Whether it’s a painter seeking the perfect light or a sculptor in search of the ideal space to craft their vision, this structure accommodates every whim.

It’s a realm where creative minds can explore, experiment, and let their imaginations run wild.


In a world that often separates artistry from practicality, the two-story shipping container house stands as a beacon of integration.

It marries architectural brilliance with the serenity of nature, crafting a space where creativity knows no bounds.

As you imagine the whispering trees, the echo of footsteps in the forest, and the canvases waiting to be filled, consider the immense potential of creating your haven—a space where art and nature converge in harmonious unity.

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