Building his beautiful Outdoors A-Frame House in Airbnb

Building his beautiful Outdoors A-Frame House in Airbnb Embarking on the journey of building a dream home is a tapestry of decisions, each woven into the fabric of aspirations and budget considerations.

Patsy, the visionary behind a stunning A-frame house, graciously walks us through a detailed breakdown of costs, offering valuable insights into the financial intricacies of her architectural masterpiece.

Acquiring the Canvas: Land and Essential Services

Patsy’s journey began with a fortuitous acquisition a four-acre parcel of land, a canvas for her dream, secured for $65,000.

The deal included the added perks of existing septic and electric services, setting the foundation for her ambitious project.

However, modifications to the electric system, such as installing a meter stanchion and a pole for service expansion, required an additional investment of $7,000.

Aesthetic Marvels: Stone Walls and Expansive Decks

The aesthetic appeal of Patsy’s home was elevated by a captivating stone wall, serving both functionally as a retaining wall and visually enhancing the property.

This stonework, a pivotal element of her design, amounted to a significant but worthwhile cost of $14,000.

Additionally, a deck, seamlessly extending the living space and providing a scenic hangout spot, incurred labor costs of around $7,000, complemented by the use of pressure-treated materials.

Architectural Finesse: Roofing and Climate Control

The crowning glory of Patsy’s A-frame is undoubtedly its sleek black standing seam metal roof, a visual statement that also provides durability.

The roofing material and its installation commanded a total expenditure of $14,000.

Ensuring year-round comfort, Patsy invested $18,500 in a cutting-edge Carrier heating and cooling unit, an all-electric heat pump system designed to handle the diverse climatic demands.

Savvy Window Solutions

A notable cost-saving strategy unfolded in the realm of windows. Patsy opted for custom glass from a local supplier, coupled with crafting window jams using cost-effective wood.

This ingenious decision resulted in a window solution costing $7,300, a stark contrast to the potential $20,000 expenditure at specialized window companies.

Adding to her window triumph was the serendipitous acquisition of a second-hand 16-foot Marvin slider, originally priced at $15,000, obtained for a mere $5,000 from a local lumber yard.

Balance of Opulence and Savings

The heart of any home is its appliances, and Patsy spared no expense in infusing sophistication into her abode.

High-end brands like Fisher and Paiko, Burdezoni, and Bosch found their place in her kitchen and laundry room.

While the total investment reached approximately $8,500, Patsy strategically offset costs by hunting for deals on platforms like Facebook Marketplace, showcasing the art of balancing luxury with budget awareness.

Merging Luxury and Budget Awareness

Furnishing a home is a dance between personal taste and budget constraints, and Patsy mastered this delicate balance.

Allocating around $15,000 for items like couches, tables, lighting, beds, and more, she curated an upscale experience ideal for the property’s rental prospects.

Her choices reflect a conscious effort to strike a middle ground between opulence and budget awareness, showcasing that a carefully curated living space need not break the bank.

Luxurious Accents

Adding a touch of luxury, Patsy invested $6,000 in tempered glass installations, creating an ambiance of openness and unobstructed light.

The visual impact justified the cost, as light became an integral design element in her thoughtfully crafted home.

Notably, she opted for an $850 automated blind in the primary bedroom, showcasing that certain indulgences, while a splurge, can bring both luxury and convenience to daily living.


Envisioning the bedroom within Patsy’s A-frame house involves considering essential elements that contribute to comfort, style, and functionality.

While precise costs weren’t explicitly detailed, key aspects shaping bedroom expenses typically include the bed and mattress central to comfort and likely chosen for durability and aesthetic appeal.

Additionally, furnishings such as nightstands, dressers, and décor elements like lighting fixtures, rugs, and curtains play crucial roles in shaping the room’s ambiance.

Patsy’s attention to detail likely extended to the bedroom’s design, seeking a balance between elegance and practicality.

Thoughtful storage solutions, possibly a well-designed closet system, might have been part of the bedroom’s layout, aligning with Patsy’s penchant for organized spaces.


While specifics about the bedroom’s cost breakdown weren’t specified, visualizing Patsy’s bedroom involves an amalgamation of tasteful design choices and functional elements, reflecting her overarching approach to creating a space that exudes both sophistication and utility.

In essence, the bedroom, as an integral part of her home, would mirror the same blend of elegance and prudent spending evident throughout her A-frame house.



The bathroom, a space where elegance meets utility, would likely showcase Patsy’s discerning taste.

High-end fixtures such as faucets, sinks, showers, and toilets could have been considerations, possibly from reputable brands known for quality and style.

Luxurious tiling for walls and flooring, alongside carefully selected countertops, might have added a touch of opulence.


Plumbing intricacies, installation costs, and functional yet stylish accessories like towel racks and lighting fixtures contribute significantly to bathroom expenses.

Considering Patsy’s inclination toward balancing luxury with prudent spending, it’s plausible that she strategically managed these costs, ensuring a sophisticated yet budget-conscious bathroom.


While precise figures weren’t specified, a substantial portion of the overall budget likely went into curating a bathroom space that harmonizes seamlessly with the house’s overall elegance and functionality.

This imaginative depiction encapsulates the essence of how the bathroom might have been a testament to Patsy’s meticulous approach to crafting her dream A-frame home.

In essence, Patsy’s A-frame house build is more than a structure; it’s a testament to the art of turning dreams into reality, one carefully considered investment at a time.

The cabin is also listed on Airbnb, inviting guests from all around the world to experience its unique charm and welcoming atmosphere.

Enjoy the awesome tour! Big thanks to Journey More

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