Exploring Luxury Black Gables A-frame Home

As we make our way down the driveway to this captivating A-frame cabin, you’ll immediately notice its striking black exterior with cedar siding accents. This place is nothing short of a paradise, set on a 20-acre property at the back of the owner’s home. Speaking of the owners, they are as wonderful as their property, and it’s a pleasure to have met them.

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The Exterior of the Black Gables A-frame offers breathtaking views of the surrounding fields and trees. There’s a small deck with comfy chairs, perfect for sipping your morning coffee or catching the sunset. The large windows on this side provide an abundance of natural light, setting the stage for our adventure inside.

The Living Space

Photo courtesy of Airbnb

Upon stepping through the front door, you’ll be greeted by a bright and open living space that feels remarkably spacious. The soaring ceilings create a sense of grandeur, and the open loft upstairs adds a touch of magic to the space.

On your right, you’ll find a cozy living area with a leather couch and a couple of chairs, making it the ideal spot to unwind. If you look closely, you’ll spot what appears to be a picture frame on the wall. However, it’s not just any frame; it’s a TV – a clever touch that blends seamlessly with the décor.

The Dining Area

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On the left, the dining area with a stylish chandelier comfortably seats four, making it a perfect spot to enjoy a meal with friends or family. The front-facing windows offer picturesque views of the front yard and fill the space with natural light.

Photo courtesy of Airbnb

The kitchen on the first floor of the Black Gables A-frame is a picture-perfect blend of style and functionality. It features an apron front sink with a breathtaking view, pink cabinets with matching knobs, and a dishwasher for convenience. Your coffee supplies and welcoming snacks are on hand.

Photo courtesy of Airbnb

The kitchen is well-equipped, complete with a full-size fridge and a stove. The clever design even extends the countertop space. It’s a spacious and charming kitchen that enhances your stay at this A-frame retreat.

The Loft Black Gables A-frame boasts two bedrooms, making it ideal for couples, small families, or a group of friends. The first bedroom, found on the lower level, features a cosy daybed and an adjoining bathroom.

A sliding door reveals the bathroom, complete with a vanity, toilet, and a beautifully tiled shower. It’s a self-contained space that’s both functional and stylish.

Photo courtesy of Airbnb

The Main Bedroom

Photo courtesy of Airbnb

However, the true highlight of this retreat is the main bedroom, located in the loft. As you ascend the steep wooden steps, you’ll be struck by the beauty and serenity of this space.

A-frame abthroom
Photo courtesy of Airbnb

The loft features a soaking tub placed against a massive window, allowing you to soak while immersed in nature. The ambience is further enhanced by the soft lighting and the ladder, which adds a touch of romance to the setting.

The Bathroom

A-frame bathroom
Photo courtesy of Airbnb

Adjacent to the main bedroom is an open bathroom concept that complements the loft’s aesthetics. It includes a vanity with wooden drawers and a gold faucet, a toilet, and a beautiful Italian-tiled shower with eucalyptus for a refreshing experience.

A-frame bathroom and bedroom
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Stepping out of the sliding doors in the main bedroom, you’ll find your second deck, complete with an outdoor shower surrounded by cedar wood. It’s a private oasis exclusively for those staying in the loft, adding a unique touch to your stay.

Outdoor Entertainment

A-frame L shape Couch
Photo courtesy of Airbnb

One of the highlights of the Black Gables A-frame is its outdoor entertainment space. The main deck boasts an L-shaped couch, outdoor seating, and a fire pit, perfect for gathering around with friends or loved ones. String lights overhead create a magical ambience, and there’s even a bird feeder for those who appreciate birdwatching.

A-frame Hot tub
Photo courtesy of Airbnb

The outdoor you has Dining table and it’s the perfect spot for stargazing on clear nights. But the pièce de résistance is the sunken hot tub, adding a touch of luxury to your stay. It’s a fantastic place to unwind and soak in the beauty of the surrounding nature.

The back deck offers additional seating options and is the gateway to the Black Gables A-frame. It’s evident that this retreat was designed with love and attention to detail, offering the perfect blend of luxury and nature.

Booking :

The cabin is also listed on Airbnb, inviting guests from all around the world to experience its unique charm and welcoming atmosphere.

Enjoy the awesome tour! Big thanks to Levi Kelly

Don’t forget to check out this cabin on Airbnb and save it for your future travels. Thank you for joining me on this journey, and I look forward to sharing more unique destinations with you in the future. Until next time, happy travels!

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