The Nest 525sqft house has an amazing floor plan

Nestled within the enchanting landscapes of Hocking Hills, Ohio, a hidden gem awaits those seeking an escape into the tranquility of nature. This secluded property introduces the latest addition to its charm – the remarkable “Nest Tiny House.” Today, we embark on an exclusive tour of this exquisite retreat, showcasing the awe-inspiring floor plan and the unique features that make it a sanctuary in the heart of nature.

The Exterior: Unveiling an Amazing House

The blackboard and baton exterior of this tiny house is a testament to the marriage of style and functionality. The combination of blackboard, characterized by its smooth, dark surface, and baton, with its vertical wood panels, creates a striking and contemporary look. The exterior’s simplicity complements the natural beauty of its surroundings.

To the left of the tiny house, a front porch exudes a welcoming charm. The porch’s roof offers shelter from the elements, making it a perfect spot to relax and enjoy the great outdoors, even on a drizzly day. The blackboard and baton exterior sets the tone for a cozy and inviting entrance.

The Livingroom

Today, we take a close look at a tiny house where the living room serves as the heart of the home. The stone accent wall, thoughtfully placed TV, and carefully chosen furniture create an inviting and comfortable living space that truly reflects the concept of an amazing floor plan.

A standout feature in the living room space is the captivating stone accent wall. It serves as a focal point, adding texture and warmth to the room. The stone’s natural earthy tones bring a touch of the outdoors inside, contributing to the overall aesthetic of the space.

In a tiny house, comfort is paramount, and this living room delivers. A plush, comfortable couch invites you to unwind, while a well-placed chair complements the seating arrangement. These carefully selected pieces ensure that the living room is a space where you can truly relax and enjoy your surroundings.

Excellence in an Amazing Floor Plan: The Kitchen of a Tiny House

The kitchen’s color palette is a visual delight. A soothing and cohesive blend of grays prevails, creating an atmosphere of elegance and tranquility. The gray cabinets, standing gracefully beneath the gray countertops, form a beautiful contrast that’s both contemporary and timeless.

In a tiny house, every inch counts. The kitchen’s layout is a testament to space efficiency, with each element thoughtfully positioned to maximize utility. From the cooktop to the sink, everything is within arm’s reach, making meal preparation a breeze.

These shelves serve as both functional storage and a display for beautiful dishes and culinary accessories. The rich, natural tones of the walnut create a striking contrast with the gray surroundings.

The Bathroom’s first room

The tiny house where even the bath space is a masterpiece. From the stunning tiling that adorns every surface to the innovative wet room concept, this bathroom exemplifies the concept of an amazing floor plan.

As you step into the bathroom, you are immediately struck by the artistry of the tiling. Tiling is employed lavishly throughout, enveloping the space in a mosaic of beauty. The choice of tiles not only adds a touch of opulence but also helps reflect light, creating an illusion of more space in this tiny oasis.

To the right of the bathroom, the wet room concept comes into view. This innovative design places the bathtub in the center, making it the eyepiece of the room. The gold plumbing for the faucet and a rainfall showerhead exude luxury. The tub and shower coexist in harmony within the wet room, a testament to the clever utilization of space.

Luxurious Rest in Compact Quarters: The Bedroom

The bedroom is often the most personal and intimate space in a home, and in the Nest Tiny House, it stands as a testament to ingenious design and spaciousness. With a king-size bed that defies the usual expectations of a tiny house, this bedroom sets a new standard for comfort and luxury. Today, we explore the bedroom of the Nest Tiny House, where impressive design and innovative use of space come together to create a relaxing oasis.

The bedroom’s design elements are a testament to the attention to detail. The green shiplap accent wall adds a touch of color and personality to the space. Hanging light fixtures on both sides of the bed not only provide practical lighting but also serve as elegant design features that complement the overall aesthetic of the Nest Tiny House.

The Bathtub of an Amazing Floor Plan Tiny House

In the world of tiny house living, having an outdoor deck space is like having a personal oasis. The Nest Tiny House redefines the concept of luxury and relaxation with its inviting deck that opens up to the beauty of Hocking Hills. This article invites you to unwind and chill in the hot tub on the deck, surrounded by high-quality chairs and the serenity of nature.

The deck is adorned with high-quality chairs that not only provide comfort but also add a touch of elegance to the outdoor space. It’s the ideal setting for lounging, reading, or simply enjoying a moment of serenity.

Surrounded by the beauty of nature, the deck becomes a gateway to the great outdoors. The Nest Tiny House is strategically placed to maximize your connection to nature, and the deck is an extension of this concept. The deck space allows you to immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the forest, creating a sense of peace and tranquility.

The Firepit Retreat of an Amazing Floor Plan Tiny House

The firepit at the Nest Tiny House is a cozy haven that beckons you to unwind and savor the beauty of the outdoors. Nestled in the heart of nature, it offers a tranquil escape where you can connect with friends and family or simply enjoy a peaceful evening by the fire.

The firepit area isn’t just about the fire; it’s also about the gathering. You’ll discover a variety of seating options that surround the firepit, making it a comfortable and inviting space for everyone. Whether you prefer to recline in a lounge chair or huddle around a table, this outdoor retreat offers choices for everyone’s comfort.

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