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The mountains of Colorado are very beautiful this home is actually on  the same property as the log cabin the same owners own it but it is a  totally different style and feel of a  home this cabin has a really modern vibe.

Photo courtesy of Airbnb

This area is so  beautiful and I just love it so much  this home is located in Blackhawk which  is close to Netherland Colorado which is  close to Boulder it’s about 30 minutes  from Boulder Colorado about an hour

Outside of Denver so it’s not too far  from any real civilization but it’s just  far enough to where you get to where you  feel secluded and all by yourself which  is what I always look for whenever I’m  trying to travel around there’s 

Photo courtesy of Airbnb


Photo courtesy of Airbnb

Inside and when we first walk  upon the inside it’s like BAM bright and  airy and modern you can tell everything  is super up today and really nicely done.

The attention to detail is everywhere  you look everything you’d want I’d want  at least in the cabin is right here it’s  just so open and bright but we’ll start  off with the first thing you’d see on  the left side you got your coat rack.

And  where you get ready to go do your  adventure uniting for your shoes hearing  put your coats here or whatever there’s  a lot of space

The Bedroom

Photo courtesy of Airbnb

This guest bedroom is absolutely amazing! The bed is incredibly cozy, and I adore the beautiful decorations adorning it.

The walls are styled with lovely decor, and there’s a really nice mirror in here too. You’ll find two sleek nightstands on either side of the bed, giving off a super modern vibe.

What’s really cool are the huge, stunning windows that showcase the scenic view of the ravine, trees, and snowy landscapes.

And hey, these windows have blinds you can pull down for a good night’s sleep.

Next to the windows, there’s this wonderfully spacious closet—perfect for storing your luggage and clothes.

The high ceiling makes the room feel incredibly roomy, and those wooden beams running along it are a delightful touch that adds to the overall charm.

This room is just spot on for a delightful stay!

The Bathroom

Photo courtesy of Airbnb

This guest bathroom is simply fantastic! You can access it from the hallway or another door, offering convenient entry.

The sink is stunning and has everything neatly stored underneath. You’ll find the essentials like a toilet and an amazing shower/tub combo.

The best part? The tub has relaxing jets for those peaceful soaks, perfect for unwinding during your getaway.

Close the glass door for a lovely shower experience.

There’s even a small window up top that adds some nice natural light to this beautiful bathroom.

It’s designed to cater to your comfort and relaxation, making it a wonderful space to freshen up and unwind.

The Kitchen

Photo courtesy of Airbnb

This kitchen, dining area, and living room all rolled into one amazing space!

Let’s dive into the kitchen, starting on the left side. From the stylish island to the neatly arranged cabinets, every detail is thoughtfully done.

The fridge seamlessly blends with the cabinets, and there’s a handy pantry to the left.

This Airbnb has you covered with all the kitchen amenities you could ask for. Take a peek inside the drawers, and you’ll notice a thoughtful touch—they’re all labeled.

No more hunting around for what you need; it’s all there at your fingertips.

The attention to detail in this space makes it a breeze to whip up a meal or simply enjoy the cozy atmosphere.

It’s a kitchen that not only looks great but is also designed for your convenience, making your stay here even more delightful.

Dining table

Photo courtesy of Airbnb

“It looks really nice with this kitchen and as we move on, you’ve got your dining area, which is a really nice four-person table with leather seats around it.

It’s just tucked away with these windows so when you’re eating, you can overlook the ravine and look out into nature, catch some wildlife,

which I think is the best part. It’s located in such a beautiful spot; everywhere you look, there are windows.

The owners really paid attention to that because they put windows all over. Right here, everywhere you look, you could see everywhere.

So, we’ll continue on with the living room.

What you’ve got are these corner windows—I just can’t stop saying that because it’s so beautiful and it lets in so much light. It’s really nice.

You’ve got your seating options, and of course, you’ve got the coffee table in the middle.

The cool thing about this coffee table is that it lifts up, so you can put your stuff here and eat, and it reveals some of the game.”

The Living room

Photo courtesy of Airbnb

The living room what  you got these corner windows I just  can’t stop saying that.

Because it’s just  so beautiful and it lets in so much  light it is really nice you got your  seating options of course you got the  coffee table in the middle.

And cool  thing about this coffee table is that it  lifts up so you can put your stuff here  and eat and it reveals some of the games that you have getting messed with it  also has a TV with Netflix and right  below that you got your fireplace.

Which adds to the coziness of this home  and you just can’t get wrong with the  fireplace right here the cool.

The Loft

Photo courtesy of Airbnb

The loft now you might have saw this  ladder here this Loft is super cool just  pull a slider down and away and climb up  it and got a little kids area or  whatever you want to call it so it’s  cool loft you can come up here and chill  out if you have bring kids they can come  up here and play or whatever.

And there’s  no reason they’d fall or anything it’s  secure up here it’s just cozy and cool  we got a bookcase and got some seats up  here.

The Master Bedroom

Photo courtesy of Airbnb

The bottom of the bed that just blends  into this one really nice  and of course you got a TV in a  fireplace as well down here.

The  fireplace is beautiful  a little up-close detail about this  fireplace the wood looks like it’s  charred wood I like that touch I’ve  never seen that in a home.

And over on  the left side of that you’re some  seating area it’s some pillows in  between the two windows right here now  on this back side you got a nice little  Reading area and right behind that you  got a wet bar which is really cool.

The Second Bathroom

Photo courtesy of Airbnb

In the bathroom is here and on  this back side you got this huge walk-in  shower it is also a steam room I believe 

Which is a really nice touch as well it  has a seat inside you can enjoy that and  it’s just a really nice large shower I  liked it a lot and on the other side of  this bathroom

So you got your closet it’s  pretty large walk-in closet I would say  now like I said if we go back on the  outside if we go on the back side of  this home it has an upper level and a  lower level deck I got some drone shots  right here you can really see all the  windows.

The cabin is also listed on Airbnb, inviting guests from all around the world to experience its unique charm and welcoming atmosphere.

Enjoy the awesome tour! Big thanks to Levi Kelly

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