The Best A-frame Private Hot Tub & Big Ocean Views

Nestled along the stunning coastline of LaHave, Nova Scotia, the Shackup A-frame cabin offers a retreat that seamlessly blends vintage allure with modern comforts.

As you step inside, you’re greeted by an ambiance that exudes warmth and serenity, inviting you to explore its intricacies room by room.

Photo courtesy of Airbnb


Photo courtesy of Airbnb

Upon entering the Shackup A-frame, the first-floor bathroom immediately captures attention with its rustic yet luxurious ambiance.

The wooden finishes that adorn the space create an inviting atmosphere, transporting guests to a realm of tranquility.

The thoughtfully designed walk-in shower and wooden sink seamlessly blend with the overall aesthetic, creating a harmonious retreat.

The centerpiece, a sprawling soaking tub, commands attention and beckons guests to unwind.

Complete with plush bathrobes and flip flops, this bathroom offers a retreat within a retreat a luxurious haven to rejuvenate the senses.


Photo courtesy of Airbnb

Ascending the stairs to the second floor reveals the bedroom a space where cozy intimacy meets the majesty of the A-frame architecture.

The angular ceiling adds a unique dimension to the room, creating an atmosphere of snug comfort.

A plush queen-sized bed takes center stage beneath oversized A-frame windows that frame panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Imagining waking up to the gentle hues of sunrise streaming through these windows evokes a sense of tranquility, making this bedroom a sanctuary for restful nights and dreamy mornings.

Living Room:

Photo courtesy of Airbnb

The heart of the Shackup A-frame lies in its living room, a space that effortlessly blends retro charm with contemporary comfort. Sunken into the ground, the living room exudes a distinct air of luxury.

The focal point a vintage-inspired white fireplace anchors the room, invoking a nostalgic charm reminiscent of the 1960s.

The lush green couch, fur decorations, and carefully curated collection of books and records contribute to the room’s inviting ambiance.

This living room becomes a haven for relaxation and quiet contemplation, where guests can unwind in style and comfort.


Photo courtesy of Airbnb

The kitchen, though unassuming in its simplicity, becomes a haven for culinary enthusiasts.

A high-end oven and stove top take center stage, inviting guests to embark on culinary adventures.

Ample countertop space provides room for food preparation, while a vintage sink and drying rack add a touch of retro charm.

The adjacent vintage white dining table becomes a gathering point, where guests can savor delectable meals while basking in the captivating ocean vistas visible through the cabin’s large windows.

This kitchen is not just a functional space; it’s a hub for culinary creativity and shared moments.

Outdoor Deck:

Photo courtesy of Airbnb

Stepping outside onto the deck, the Shackup A-frame continues to impress. An electrically heated cedar hot tub takes pride of place, offering a unique vantage point to soak in the surroundings.

The deck, adorned with bright red chairs and a small grill, extends the living space outdoors, creating a seamless connection between the cabin and its natural surroundings.

The unobstructed views of the Atlantic Ocean, perched on top of the hill, showcase the perfect marriage of architecture and nature.

Surrounding Area: Nature’s Playground in LaHave, Nova Scotia

Photo courtesy of Airbnb

Beyond the cabin’s walls, the surrounding area of LaHave, Nova Scotia, unfolds as a nature lover’s paradise.

The cabin is strategically located, providing stunning views and access to the captivating coastline.

Exploring the vicinity unveils a plethora of attractions, from quaint shops and bakeries to charming restaurants. LaHave becomes a haven for those who appreciate the outdoors, with opportunities for hiking, drone flying, and immersive explorations of the scenic landscape.

The abundance of firewood available suggests a connection to nature, perhaps hinting at the owners’ affinity for a rustic lifestyle.

A Frame Conclusion


The Shackup A-frame stands as a testament to the art of blending vintage charm with contemporary comforts.

Each room tells a unique story, creating a symphony of serenity throughout the cabin.

From the luxurious bathroom to the cozy bedroom, the retro-infused living room to the functional yet charming kitchen, every facet of this oceanfront retreat has been carefully crafted to offer guests an unparalleled experience.

As you step into the Shackup A-frame, you’re not just entering a cabin; you’re entering a sanctuary where the elements of nature and thoughtful design harmonize to create an unforgettable retreat.

The vintage allure, panoramic views, and modern conveniences coalesce to make this A-frame a masterpiece—an abode where tranquility meets architectural marvel.

The Shackup A-frame: a retreat that goes beyond accommodation, inviting guests to immerse themselves in a symphony of serenity amidst the captivating landscapes of Nova Scotia.

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