The Best Farm house EVERYONE Is Talking About

“This spacious log and timber House boasts an open living area with a high vaulted ceiling, connecting the kitchen, dining, and living spaces seamlessly.

The loft above offers extra room for bedrooms or a cozy retreat. Its exterior can be a classic log or timber frame style, exuding a timeless charm.


The covered porch provides a perfect spot to enjoy nature’s beauty.

The Farmhouse floor plan by Golden Eagle Log and Timber Homes combines classic log charm with modern convenience, promising an outstanding living experience in a captivating setting.”


Living Room


The living room serves as the heart of this unique home, capturing a seamless blend of rustic elegance and modern comfort.

The authentic quarry stone sourced from Montana, resonating the hues and textures found just outside Glacier National Park, forms the foundation of this space.

The juxtaposition of the rugged stone with the reclaimed timber mantle creates a warm and inviting ambiance.

Large, handcrafted timbers grace the ceiling, echoing the natural beauty of the outdoors and drawing the eye upward.

A highlight of the room is the impressive windmill-style fan, adding a touch of grandeur and perfectly complementing the generous seating arrangements, ideal for hosting gatherings or enjoying quiet evenings by the fireplace.

Dining Room


Adjacent to the living space, the dining room seamlessly integrates with the picturesque views, allowing the natural beauty of the rolling Indiana hills to become part of every meal.

Rustic Hickory cabinets, custom-stained to blend harmoniously with the surrounding timbers and trims, offer not only functional storage but also serve as design elements.

Contrasting elements, such as the worn edges and nicks adorning the painted cabinets, add character and visual interest.

The countertop, crafted from the same rustic Hickory, ensures durability while maintaining a consistent aesthetic throughout the kitchen and dining area.

The thoughtful incorporation of transom windows maximizes natural light and complements the room’s design elements.

The Kitchen and Laundry Room


The kitchen stands as a testament to meticulous design, combining practicality with rustic charm.

The rustic Hickory cabinets, carefully chosen to match the overall aesthetic of the home, exude warmth and durability.

The leathered granite countertops not only offer a unique texture but also provide a practical solution by hiding minor crumbs and imperfections.

A focus on details shines through, with custom touches such as increased refrigerator depth, maximizing pantry storage, and a specially designed coffee bar with open shelves.

The painted cabinets with worn edges and the consistent finish tying into the ceiling beams contribute to a cohesive and visually appealing space.

The laundry room, often overlooked in many homes, becomes an exquisite space within this dwelling.


Signature pendant lighting and a fireplace sink crafted from durable fire clay exemplify the fusion of functionality and elegance.

The meticulous craftsmanship extends to the cabinets, featuring the same finish as the ceiling beams, creating a harmonious and visually appealing design.

The unique combination of practicality and aesthetic appeal is evident in the thoughtful placement of custom shelves, allowing for easy access and storage of everyday essentials.

The blend of different metal finishes and colors creates a statement piece, elevating the laundry room to more than just a functional space.



Contrary to conventional garages, this space transcends expectations by incorporating the same full log construction as the rest of the house.

The finished epoxy floor, coupled with radiant in-floor heating, redefines the concept of a garage, providing not only functionality but also an aesthetically pleasing environment.

The attention to detail is evident in the design, offering ample storage options, convenient hose hookups for easy cleaning,

And thoughtful additions like the metal wainscoting to prevent damage and enhance the space’s durability.

Modern Bathroom


The bathrooms within this home exude style and functionality.

The craftsmanship in the tile work of the shower, coupled with the durable and rugged finish on the vanity, showcases a meticulous attention to detail.

The incorporation of innovative features, such as the apron-sided toilet, enhances accessibility and ease of maintenance, catering to various needs.

The use of high-quality materials and strategic design choices, including the continuation of the fireplace sink finish, reflects a commitment to longevity and style.

Home Office


Functionality meets aesthetics in the spacious home office, providing an ideal workspace with an expansive view of the property.

Crafted with walnut wood species, the office space offers ample cabinet storage, ensuring an organized and clutter-free environment.

The thoughtful incorporation of abundant natural light enhances the space’s ambiance, fostering productivity while allowing occupants to enjoy the scenic views.


The house’s structural elements exhibit impeccable timber framing, showcasing meticulous craftsmanship and solid architectural support.

From the awe-inspiring hand-hewn posts to the detailed finishing of beams and trusses, each element underscores the dedication to both aesthetics and structural integrity.

The artful combination of design and functionality creates a captivating visual narrative throughout the house.

Luxury Master Bedroom


The master suite epitomizes luxury and comfort, boasting vaulted ceilings that contribute to a sense of spaciousness and tranquility.

Thoughtful design choices, such as a pocket door leading to an ensuite bathroom, ensure smooth traffic flow while maintaining privacy.

The walk-in shower, featuring innovative elements like a curb less entry and a large niche, combines elegance with functionality, offering a spa-like experience within the comforts of home.

Cozy Loft with Stunning Views


The loft area serves as a versatile and inviting space, adorned with exquisite timber trusses that add character and depth to the room.

Abundant natural light, streaming through the Gable windows, illuminates the space, creating an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and leisure.

The custom railing design, crafted with rebar spindles, not only offers safety but also maintains unobstructed views, enhancing the loft’s aesthetic appeal.

Lower Level Finished Basement:


The finished lower level extends an inviting ambiance, featuring hand-hewn log siding that radiates warmth and comfort.

The open design provides ample space for gatherings and recreation, fostering a welcoming environment for family and guests.

The incorporation of reclaimed materials and thoughtful design choices elevates the space, making it an ideal spot for entertainment and relaxation.

Mechanical Room: High-Quality Systems


The mechanical room showcases top-of-the-line systems, emphasizing efficiency and functionality.

From radiant in-floor heating to an energy-efficient boiler system and a whole-home generator,

Every aspect is designed to ensure comfort, reliability, and uninterrupted functionality throughout the home.

Exterior Stunning Architectural Details


The house’s exterior is a testament to meticulous architectural planning, boasting an impressive front door, timber accents, varied rooflines, and meticulous landscaping.

The integration of different finishes, including stone, full log construction, and maintenance-free materials, enhances the overall curb appeal, creating a captivating visual presence.

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