The Best Log Cabin Is A Beautiful Location Inside the Grandview

The Best Log Cabin Is A Beautiful Location Inside the Grandview As you explore the lower level, witness a continuation of sophisticated design elements harmonizing with modern comforts.

Delve into bedrooms with captivating views, a designer bathroom, and a thoughtfully designed mudroom for convenient lake access.

The outdoor landscape is an extension of the house’s charm, offering a covered porch, deck, and smartly landscaped areas, perfect for hosting and relaxation.

Experience the fusion of rustic charm and luxury in this meticulously crafted family retreat, where every detail is a testament to unmatched craftsmanship and thoughtful design.”


Main Level


The main level of this picturesque house unfolds with a seamless blend of rustic charm and luxurious design elements.

This level serves as the heart of the home, exuding an inviting aura that captivates visitors from the moment they step inside.

The thoughtful layout and intricate details make it an ideal space for hosting and relaxation.



The kitchen stands as a testament to functionality and elegance. An open concept design seamlessly merges the kitchen and great room, fostering a fluidity of space.

The island, a central focal point, boasts ample seating on three sides, facilitating easy interaction among guests.

Contrasting the perimeter cabinets, the island accentuates the overall aesthetic while maintaining harmony with other finishes throughout the home.

The Smart placement of the kitchen sink allows hosts to engage with guests while taking care of culinary tasks.

The kitchen is adorned with thoughtful features, from above and under-cabinet lighting to a beverage faucet for filtered water, elevating the culinary experience.

Living Space


The great room, characterized by a dramatic prowl wall, embodies the essence of comfort and luxury.

Expansive casement windows frame breathtaking views, while a gas-burning fireplace with metal accents adds warmth and visual appeal.

The choice of quarry stone for the fireplace and the hand-hewed finish on the window trims underscores the meticulous attention to detail.

First Bedroom


The primary suite on the main level is a tranquil haven. Softly carpeted floors, drywall on all four walls and the ceiling, and an abundance of natural light create an airy, inviting atmosphere.

Timber trims encase the bed, mirroring the rustic elegance found throughout the home.

The highlight is a private balcony overlooking the serene lake, offering a personal retreat and a refreshing influx of natural airflow.

First Bathroom


The adjoining primary bathroom is a vision of symmetry and functionality.

Wall cabinets offer convenient storage, while wall sconces and an inset mirror with an embedded outlet illuminate the space.

The shower, adorned with unique tile work and niches for toiletries, complements the overall design.

A private powder room, bathed in natural light, adds a touch of convenience and elegance.

Dining Room


Adjacent to the kitchen, the dining room exudes a welcoming ambiance.

The space, strategically designed for hosting and gathering, presents an ideal setting for shared meals and conversations.

The room is an extension of the open concept living area, ensuring a harmonious flow between spaces.

Laundry Room


The practicality of the home extends to the laundry room, featuring ample wall storage and a utility sink.

Positioned at the perimeter of the home, this space allows efficient venting for the dryer to the exterior, enhancing functionality.

Second Bathroom


A full guest bathroom, complete with a tub and a tile surround, caters to the comfort and convenience of visitors.

The inclusion of a powder room further enhances the functionality of this space, accommodating multiple users seamlessly.

The Loft


Ascending to the upper level reveals a sprawling loft, ideal for accommodating grandchildren or providing additional recreational space.

The room features four skylights, offering panoramic views of the starry night sky and ensuring a bright and airy atmosphere.

Smart zoning technology ensures efficient heating when needed, aligning with the home’s commitment to both convenience and energy efficiency.

Loft Bathroom

The loft is complemented by its own bathroom, showcasing unique tile finishes that distinguish this space while maintaining the overall design coherence.

The attention to detail extends to every corner, ensuring a designer-level experience in every room.



The lower level of the house encompasses a well-designed mudroom, providing convenient lake access.

The thoughtful placement of a bathroom nearby enhances the practicality and comfort of this area.


The exterior of the house reflects a seamless integration of functionality and aesthetics.

From the impressive landscaping to the covered porch and deck, every outdoor space is meticulously crafted for hosting and relaxation.

Smart home technology extends to outdoor lighting, ensuring a customizable ambiance.

The stamped concrete and flagstone pathways offer both visual appeal and practicality.

The Gable finish with cedar shingles and dovetail corners adds to the architectural charm, creating a lasting impression.

This house intricately weaves together functionality, luxury, and thoughtful design elements, offering an immersive experience that caters to both hosting and personal relaxation.

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