The Best Log Cabin of a 17,000 Square Feet Architectural

Building custom Log Cabin is what we do best over 6000 since 1966. Each one unique, some bigger, some smaller. If you’re considering building in North America,

Our award-winning design team and nationwide builder network are here to help. With our exclusive designer-led showroom and interactive examples, we create the ideal space to turn your ideas into reality.

Kitchen: The Heart of the House

The kitchen in this expansive residence stands as a testament to the marriage of functionality and aesthetics.

Spanning an impressive 16.5 feet, the kitchen island becomes a focal point, an ideal hub for entertaining guests.

Modern and sleek frame cabinets not only add to the contemporary aesthetic but also enhance accessibility to the drawer and door interiors.

Connected seamlessly to an open-screened porch, the kitchen design allows for an adaptable space.

The screened porch, with its ability to be either enclosed or wide open, provides a unique dynamic, making it perfect for hosting events or enjoying a quiet, airy atmosphere.

Screened Porch: A Serene Escape

Moving through the home, the screened porch emerges as a unique and versatile space.

With the ability to transform from an enclosed haven to an open, airy retreat, this area offers the best of both worlds.

The design allows for controlling airflow and space, providing an idyllic spot for relaxation or vibrant gatherings.

The careful integration of this space into the overall design showcases a thoughtful approach to merging indoor and outdoor living seamlessly.

Lounge Space

The lounge space within this home serves as a nexus of comfort and elegance. With a design that facilitates excellent airflow, this area doubles as a space extending into the upper bedrooms.

The turret architecture floods the room with natural light, creating an inviting ambiance that is further accentuated by strategically placed wall sconces.

This space not only encourages relaxation but also embodies the overall theme of spaciousness and thoughtful design prevalent throughout the home.

Primary Suite: A Haven of Luxury

The primary suite stands as a pinnacle of luxury within the residence.

The inclusion of vaulted ceilings and timber trusses adds a touch of grandeur, while the freestanding tub exudes opulence.

The interplay of lighter finishes with darker tones creates a harmonious yet luxurious atmosphere, offering a perfect retreat within the expansive confines of the home.

Master Suite

Moving through the residence, the master suite captivates with its elegance and functionality.

The fabric-lined accent wall imparts a sense of sophistication, while blackout blinds provide both privacy and control over natural light.

The inclusion of electronic controls for lighting and blinds showcases a commitment to modern convenience, ensuring a seamless blend of technological advancements with timeless design principles.

Throughout the home, each powder room is a testament to the fusion of style and utility.

The intricate tilework, thoughtful details, and well-appointed fixtures contribute to spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional.

These rooms serve as microcosms of design excellence, offering a glimpse into the meticulous attention to detail prevalent throughout the entire residence.

Corner Natural Beauty

The incorporation of corner windows throughout the residence showcases a deliberate effort to embrace and amplify the natural beauty surrounding the home.

Offering unobstructed views of the picturesque surroundings, these windows flood the interiors with natural light, blurring the lines between the indoors and the outdoors.

This design choice not only enhances the visual appeal but also creates a connection with nature that is both seamless and refreshing.

Luxury and Comfort Bathrooms

Each ensuite bathroom within the residence is a masterpiece of luxury and comfort.

From specialized tilework to carefully designed showers and vanities, these spaces exude a sense of opulence.


The deliberate blend of textures and tones creates a harmonious yet distinctive atmosphere, ensuring that each bathroom becomes a retreat within itself.



Beyond the primary kitchen, the inclusion of a kitchenette speaks to the practicality and convenience embedded in the design.

This auxiliary culinary space is not only a testament to the home’s functionality but also serves as a thoughtful addition for extended family stays or additional cooking space during entertaining events.

Fire Pit and Gas Fireplace


The outdoor areas of the residence are not only expansive but also carefully designed for comfort and warmth.

The fire pit and gas fireplaces create cozy atmospheres, perfect for enjoying evenings outdoors or creating intimate spaces for gatherings.

These features, fueled by propane, are not just functional; they add a touch of ambiance, transforming outdoor spaces into inviting retreats.



The garage, often relegated to a purely functional space, takes on a grander role in this residence.

The impressive doors and spacious layout strike a balance between functionality and elegance.

The inclusion of extra-tall ceilings, both vaulted and practical for potential sporting endeavors, showcases a thoughtful design that goes beyond the ordinary.

Dining Room Outdoor


The dining room within the residence is a perfect blend of indoor elegance and outdoor charm.

The design seamlessly connects indoor and outdoor dining experiences, featuring a grill and range for added convenience.

This space not only maximizes the stunning views but also provides a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for shared meals, emphasizing the importance of communal spaces within the home.

In conclusion, this 17,000 square feet architectural marvel is a symphony of design elements that seamlessly blend luxury, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

From the heart of the home in the kitchen to the outdoor retreats and functional spaces like the garage, each section reflects a meticulous approach to creating a residence that is not just a living space but a canvas of architectural brilliance. Every corner tells a story,

And every room offers a unique experience, making this residence a true masterpiece of modern living.

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