The Magical Container House Hiding in the Beautiful Nature

Welcome to the Magical Shipping Container House hiding in the beautiful nature, this spot is very private and surrounded by nature it’s such a perfect spot for running away from the city to live a peaceful life.

This shipping container house is situated in Onera, Fredericksburg, Texas this spot surrounding by Oak trees and the host built it’s nearly the trees as well it’s like a treehouse as well amazing.

The Exterior of the Container House

The exterior of this shipping container house is full of colors on the front side and has all of these windows it’s a pretty unique design one by one step by step it’s perfect.

The Live Oak Lougde will welcome you in here you will notice everything when you come in and walk through the path and fire pit and walk up onto the patio space the plunge pool on the right part of this patio.


it’s a fun spot for you as well and you can enjoy your time here with your friends or your family this concrete square and it’s small but it very perfect for a tiny shipping container house or tiny house it’s very nice to have.

Continue along there is an outdoor dining table with four seating options so this is a tiny shipping container house but there are four seating options right here so you can enjoy a meal here on the right diner with your partner it’s a perfect and very romantic time.

This wood soaking tub is on the last part of this shipping container house so you can do cold or hot water in this one it’s very amazing to enjoy your time it’s so much fun right here it’s just a patio space Let’s check it out on the rooftop of this shipping container house.

At the end of the deck some steps lead up to the rooftop of this shipping container house, the entire roof it’s spacious there are a couple of lounges right here on the middle side, and you can see the trees all around this shipping container house.

You can overlook your two plunge pools or you can stargaze at night as well it’s gorgeous, at the end of this rooftop there is a seating area as well so you can enjoy up here.


Inside the Container House

Welcome to the inside of the container house when you walk in here first thing you will notice is this container house very spacious and open.

The ceiling is not too tall but it feels spacious because the windows bring too much natural light in and you will see the full view from the outside as well that make you feel gorgeous.

The Kitchen of the Container House

The first thing inside of this shipping container house is your kitchen space the Butcher Block countertop will welcome you there is an Espresso maker and a sink here in the middle some shelves below it.

And the Live Edge floating shelf above with all of the dishes and this is just a clean and nice kitchen.

The last part of this shipping container house kitchen space is your dining area there is a live edge wood dining table with four seating options situated in a perfect spot.




The Gorgeous Bedroom

Welcome to the first bedroom of this shipping container house, this place is very spacious there is a cowhide rug on the bottom it’s a very cool feature

The windows on both sides, bring too much sunlight into this shipping container house which makes this house very open and bright.

If you feel very bright or you just want to be private you just close these curtains it’s pretty cool you got a king-sized bed on the middle side with some pillows here so this space is very comfortable.

Shipping Container House’s Living Room

This is a very nice living room with a couch on the wall and two neatcoffee tables in front of this couch so you can enjoy your morning tea or coffee and look at your property.

Bathroom 0f the Shipping Container House

This is just a tiny shipping container house but you got the largest bathroom in here is very beautiful there is the sink on the left side, a nice wood stool next to it, and then the full-size shower space.

This bathroom is 88 complaint There is a ramp that goes into the shower it’s very open you got a little bar and a seat on the left side, so it’s a very very cool feature this shipping container house is amazing.

There is some storage right behind that, and the last part of this shipping container house is your toilet.

The Last Bedroom

This is the last bedroom of this shipping container house it’s pretty similar to the other one the cow head rug same space and windows on both sides and your AC it’s just similar to the first one.

The Communal Area

This is the community area it’s pretty near this shipping container house this space has a lot of fun this community you can come to get fun here if you want it’s free.

Container House

There are a lot of lodges right here and the swimming pool right in front of that this swimming pool is larger than the first one because this one is a community swimming pool.

Container House

There are a lot of trees right here and then this house is near the Enchanted Rock Summit Trail as well

Container House


Container House

so if you want you can come and enjoy this area there is a big rock right here it’s about 140 degrees at the top.

So you can climb here and overlook the property surrounding it it’s just beautiful it’s like you’re at the top of the mountain but it’s just the rock,


You can call it mountain rock as well because this rock is very big and tall but it’s not easy to climb in because it’s 140 degrees and it’s very tall

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