The Stunning House – A-frame unique in Airbnb

Nestled amidst the lush landscapes just outside the charming town of Stowe, Vermont, the Summit House is a sight to behold.

As the inaugural guest of this modern A-frame cabin, the experience was nothing short of exceptional. Let’s delve deeper into the details of this picturesque retreat.

Photo courtesy of Airbnb

Backyard Fire Pit & Fireplace:

Photo courtesy of Airbnb

As the sun sets, the exterior of the Summit House transforms into a haven of warmth and tranquility.

The expansive deck adorned with a fire pit invites guests to gather around the dancing flames, sharing stories and laughter. With a second fireplace nearby and ample firewood at hand, the outdoor experience here feels straight out of a storybook.

The delicate string lights adorning the trees cast a magical glow, setting the perfect stage for unforgettable moments under the starlit sky.

The surprise of an outdoor shower accessible from the master bedroom adds a touch of luxury to the rustic charm, allowing guests to indulge in a unique and refreshing bathing experience while being embraced by nature.

Surrounding Area:

Photo courtesy of Airbnb

Situated a mere five-minute drive away from the quaint town of Stowe, the Summit House offers proximity to the quintessential New England experience.

The fall foliage paints a breathtaking canvas, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature.

From vibrant hues to scenic trails, this location promises an idyllic escape for nature enthusiasts seeking solace in the midst of the stunning New England landscape.

Living Room:

Photo courtesy of Airbnb

Stepping into the living room of the Summit House feels like entering a sanctuary of cozy sophistication.

The seamless integration of design elements creates an inviting atmosphere that exudes warmth.

The wood-burning stove adds a touch of rustic charm while the shelves adorned with captivating decorations infuse character into the space.

Natural light floods through the expansive windows, creating a breathtakingly cozy ambiance that’s perfect for unwinding after a day of exploration.

Dining Table & Kitchen:

Photo courtesy of Airbnb

Adjacent to the living room, the dining area beckons with a modern setup that effortlessly combines elegance and functionality.

The dangling lighting fixture casts a soft glow over the stylish table, inviting guests to savor culinary delights in a sophisticated setting.

The kitchen stands as a pinnacle of sophistication, equipped with state-of-the-art appliances and a beverage center, ensuring convenience without compromising on style.

Lighting Fixtures:

Photo courtesy of Airbnb

The owner’s fascination with lighting manifests in every corner of the cabin.

A plethora of light switches and fixtures allows guests to orchestrate their desired ambiance, transforming the space into a captivating spectacle of lights and effects.

Each lighting fixture, carefully chosen to complement the surrounding decor, adds a touch of enchantment, turning every moment into a visually mesmerizing experience.

Master Bathroom:

Photo courtesy of Airbnb

The master bathroom is a sanctuary designed for indulgence.

Every detail, from the rain shower head to the elegant wooden accents and the high-tech mirror, is meticulously crafted to offer a spa-like experience.

The combination of functionality and opulence elevates this space into a realm of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Loft Bedroom:

Photo courtesy of Airbnb

Ascending the spiral staircase leads to the loft bedroom, a serene haven that boasts a king-size mattress and unique lighting fixtures sourced from distant lands.

The view of the A-frame from the bed presents a mesmerizing panorama, promising a refreshing start to each day.

The thoughtful placement of a guitar and amp in on

Downstairs Bedroom & Master Bedroom:

Photo courtesy of Airbnb

On the lower level, a light-filled Boho-style bedroom greets guests with its inviting ambiance.

The smart TV and tasteful tapestry add elements of comfort and style to this cozy space.

Ascending to the master bedroom, guests are welcomed by an aura of grandeur. Vast windows offer serene views of the surrounding woods, inviting nature inside.

The plush bedding, unique décor pieces, and thoughtfully placed amenities create an atmosphere of luxury and comfort.

Mud Room & Half Bathroom:

Photo courtesy of Airbnb

The ground floor encompasses a practical yet elegant mudroom, featuring a bench ideal for shedding snowy gear after indulging in nearby skiing adventures.

The adjacent half bathroom delights with celestial-themed wallpaper and chic design, offering a touch of whimsy in its aesthetic.

Summing Up the Summit House:

Photo courtesy of Airbnb

The Summit House isn’t just a cabin; it’s a meticulously curated retreat that seamlessly blends modern comforts with the raw beauty of its surroundings.

It’s a place where each nook and cranny tells a story, where luxurious amenities and thoughtful touches coexist harmoniously with the allure of nature.

From the captivating exterior with its fire pits and enchanting string lights to the interior spaces exuding sophistication and warmth, this A-frame cabin stands as a testament to the artistry of design and the embrace of natural beauty.

The A-frame is also listed on Airbnb, inviting guests from all around the world to experience its unique charm and welcoming atmosphere.

Enjoy the awesome tour! Big thanks to Levi Kelly

The Summit House invites guests to create unforgettable memories, offering an escape from the ordinary into a realm where tranquility and luxury intertwine seamlessly.

The Summit A-frame in Stowe, Vermont, is not just a dwelling; it’s an experience waiting to be explored, where every detail has been crafted to provide an unparalleled getaway, ensuring guests leave with cherished memories that linger long after they’ve bid farewell to this modern haven.

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