This off-grid cabin, complete with a unique fire pit

This off-grid cabin, complete with a unique fire pit In the enchanting mountains of Brazil, a mere three-hour drive from São Paulo, lies a hidden jewel an Airbnb that transcends the ordinary.

Picture this: a serendipitous discovery of a hat that perfectly complements a jacket, setting the stage for an unforgettable adventure.

Ladies and gentlemen, join me on a journey to unravel the mystique of this off-grid cabin, where the fusion of design, nature, and luxury creates an unparalleled retreat.

Exploring the Unconventional Grid Layout:

This one-of-a-kind hideaway is characterized by its intriguing grid structure, which is a design decision that encourages exploration inside the space.

A deep fire pit serves as the focal point of the home’s heart, which is characterized by a sense of warmth and closeness.

The use of expansive glass doors and windows enables a continuous dance with the flickering flames, so producing an atmosphere that is not only warm and inviting but also engaging.

The unique arrangement of the property is a demonstration of inventiveness, and it provides a fresh viewpoint on the interaction of architecture and nature.

Romance Amidst the Mountains:

This hideaway in Brazil is more than simply a place to relax; it is an adventure for lovers to undertake together.

Because of the grid arrangement, every nook and cranny of the cabin is able to provide breathtaking views of the hills, valleys, and mountains that are located in the surrounding area.

There is no other view quite like the one that is presented by the landscape, which is a masterpiece painted in rich greens and tropical colors.

This property is a paradise for couples who are looking for a weekend trip that is more personal.

It has a romantic fire pit, hammocks, and sitting configurations that are purposefully positioned to allow interaction with both nature and each other.

Luxurious Amenities that Define Bliss:

Venture beyond the cabin’s walls, and a world of luxury unfolds. Two colossal bathtubs command attention, positioned to offer an uninterrupted gaze towards the majestic mountains.

Imagine soaking in warmth while nature unfolds its beauty before your eyes.

The outdoor shower, equipped with invigorating water pressure and complete privacy atop the mountain, adds a touch of indulgence to the experience.


Step onto the expansive outdoor deck, essentially a second floor mirroring the square footage of the home below.

Here, one can bask in the glory of the mountains, seated in thoughtfully arranged chairs or at a secluded picnic table.

The swing, facing one of the mountain ranges, becomes a portal to tranquility. Surrounded by nature and devoid of neighboring structures, the deck offers an unparalleled space to connect with the serenity of the mountains.

The Walls

The inside of the cabin is a seamless continuation of the attractiveness that it exudes on the outside.

A kitchen that is well-appointed and with a big island and stove top is a paradise for those who are passionate about cooking.

The highlight, on the other hand, is the locally chosen gift box placed on the kitchen countertop by Mantibox. It contains a variety of artisanal delights, including delicious cookies, local parmesan cheese, coffee, and beers.

An easy transition can be made from the open concept to a dining area, a pleasant nook that has an espresso machine and games for amusement, and a straightforward sofa.

Romantic Indoors

Rather than a conventional living room, this cabin offers a romantic surprise—an intimate setting with double bathtubs positioned for an optimal view of the mountains.


The bedroom, featuring a comfortable mattress and large windows, seamlessly connects to a modern bathroom adorned with sleek black accents.


The design choices throughout the cabin evoke a sense of chic sophistication, making it clear that this retreat is not just a place to stay but an experience to be lived.


The pièce de résistance of this mountain retreat is undoubtedly the centrally located fire pit.


As the sun sets, the flames come alive, casting a warm glow that transforms the cabin into a haven of tranquility. Mario, the thoughtful owner, ensures a magical evening with ample fire-starting supplies.

This is not just a fire pit; it’s a focal point that brings together guests, nature, and the spirit of the mountains.


In the heart of Brazil’s mountains, this off-grid cabin is more than an accommodation it’s an invitation to embrace nature’s embrace.

From the captivating outdoor spaces to the thoughtfully designed interiors, every element contributes to a unique and unforgettable stay.

With a plethora of amenities that redefine luxury and a design that seamlessly blends with the surrounding landscape, this Airbnb beckons travelers to immerse themselves in the untamed beauty of Brazil’s mountains.

Pack your bags and embark on a journey where each moment is a celebration of nature’s wonders, and the mountain retreat becomes a canvas for unforgettable memories.

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