Tiny House in Berlin The Luxurious Jacuzzi Experience

In the heart of Berlin, Ohio, nestled amidst the largest Amish population in the U.S., hides a true gem of luxury House and entertainment a 32-foot-long tiny house on wheels that redefines the concept of a dreamy escape.

Known as “The Lux,” this tiny house is a place where beauty and adventure intersect, offering an unforgettable experience for house enthusiasts aged 20-60 and beyond.

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Upon arrival at this enchanting spot, you’ll immediately realize the luxury it has in store for you. Despite its limited square footage, The Lux is filled with amenities that are superior to many other tiny houses.

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With a fire pit and a privacy fence at the end, you might wonder about proximity to other tiny homes, but rest assured, they face opposite directions, ensuring a surprisingly private retreat. The host’s meticulous attention to detail guarantees a memorable stay.

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Stepping into The Lux, you’ll quickly notice that the hosts have poured their heart and soul into designing this exceptional space.

The layout is unlike any other tiny house, and the amenities are a class above. The secret?

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The ceilings soar to an impressive 12 feet, creating a sense of spaciousness that defies its compact size. Large windows are strategically placed throughout, allowing natural light to flood the interior.

The Lux Tiny house living area
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The kitchen is a sight to behold, boasting several cabinets, a full-size fridge, microwave, and a stovetop.

The Countertop space is ample, with a beautifully designed aluminum-looking top, complemented by blue cabinets and gold accents. It’s as functional as it is stylish.

The Lux Tiny house kitchen
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The Dining Table

The Lux Tiny house kitchen
Photo courtesy of Airbnb

Adjacent to the kitchen is the dining table area, set against a large window that’s perfect for enjoying a meal or getting some work done.

To make your stay even sweeter, you’ll find a selection of baked goods waiting for you a thoughtful touch.

Next to the dining area, you’ll discover a chic coffee bar with unique angles and textures, featuring a diagonal board and batten wall and X-shaped legs for the counter, which adds to the overall appeal.

The Living Room

The Lux Tiny house living room
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The living room area in The Lux presents a unique setup. Two sitting chairs are placed on the lower level,

while a couch is perched on a raised platform, creating a visually striking atmosphere. Underneath the platform, a bookshelf adds functionality, and storage is cleverly incorporated into the steps.

The design of the railing is spot-on, adding to the overall charm of the space.

What makes this couch arrangement even more exciting is the hidden gem in the ceiling a 90-inch projector that descends, allowing you to watch anything on your 4K projector.

The Bathroom

The Lux Tiny house  bathroom
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Prepare to be wowed by The Lux’s bathroom, which may just be the largest and most impressive you’ve seen in a tiny house.

Featuring a spacious jacuzzi bathtub with beautiful blue tiling, a well-placed mirror, and a waterfall shower head, this bathroom is a haven of relaxation.

The Lux Tiny house bathroom
Photo courtesy of Airbnb

The skylight overhead adds to the ambiance, providing a unique bathing experience. You’ll also find a towel warmer to keep you cozy. There’s ample space to get ready in style, ensuring a comfortable stay.

The Loft Bedroom

The Lux Tiny house
Photo courtesy of Airbnb

Climbing up to the loft bedroom, you’ll discover a cozy haven situated above the bathroom. The bed is thoughtfully positioned to allow you to lower the guard rail and access it with ease. A built-in step makes bedtime routines convenient.

The loft bedroom also offers a skylight, letting you sleep under the stars, adding a touch of magic to your stay. And when you desire privacy, you can simply close the windows and enjoy the serene atmosphere.

The cabin is also listed on Airbnb, inviting guests from all around the world to experience its unique charm and welcoming atmosphere.

Enjoy the awesome tour! Big thanks to Levi Kelly

In conclusion :

The Lux – Tiny Home with a Jacuzzi in Berlin is a hidden treasure designed to deliver comfort, luxury, and entertainment for those who appreciate the beauty of well-crafted spaces.

Whether you’re a house enthusiast, an adventure seeker, or someone in search of a unique getaway, this tiny house offers an experience that goes beyond expectations.

With its splendid features and impeccable design, it’s a destination that promises unforgettable memories.

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