We Found the BEST A-frame Airbnb in New England

Nestled just two hours outside Florianopolis, Brazil, the Tropical A-Frame cabin named Chale Guarapuvu beckons travelers to an extraordinary rendezvous with nature.

Beyond the bamboo threshold of Quinta Borba, a gated paradise unfolds a harmonious blend of urban sophistication and secluded tranquility.

Quinta Borba: A Gated Paradise

As you enter Quinta Borba, the meticulously landscaped driveways and pristine parking areas welcome you to an exclusive haven.

Illuminated by night, the pathways lead to the heart of this enchanted compound. Signs guide you towards the cabins, teasing the anticipation of the captivating experience that lies ahead.

The compound’s allure extends beyond mere aesthetics; it is a testament to thoughtful design and meticulous maintenance.

Wander through the manicured driveways, where every step is a journey deeper into the heart of nature’s embrace.

Quinta Borba isn’t just a destination; it’s a meticulously curated experience.

The Enchanting A-Frame Abode

Amidst the sprawling greenery of Quinta Borba stands Chale Guarapuvu—a testament to architectural ingenuity.

The exterior, adorned with bricks uncommon in North American A-frames, sets the tone for a unique and unforgettable stay. Its elevated position offers breathtaking drone-shot vistas, capturing the essence of luxury perched amidst nature.

Chale Guarapuvu isn’t merely a cabin; it’s a statement—a marriage of modern elegance and rustic charm.

The brick-clad A-Frame, with its unique architectural elements, stands as a beacon of distinction against the backdrop of lush greenery.

It beckons visitors to explore not just the cabin but the rich tapestry of experiences it unfolds.

The Interior

Step through the cabin’s door, and the simplicity of the kitchen unfolds.

A fridge, microwave, and essential countertop space grace the kitchen area, providing functionality without compromising the aesthetic.

However, the true marvel lies beyond—the tri-sectional bathroom, an epitome of modern luxury, offers a sensory retreat.

The interior of Chale Guarapuvu is a carefully orchestrated symphony of elegance and comfort. Each corner of the cabin tells a story of meticulous design, where form meets function seamlessly.

The kitchen, though simple, exudes a subtle charm that invites exploration.

The tri-sectional bathroom is a sanctuary, a private retreat within the retreat.

The Hot Tub Haven

A door from the bathroom leads to the pièce de résistance the indoor hot tub sanctuary. Enclosed yet connected, it immerses guests in the jungle’s embrace through expansive glass windows and a transparent roof.

Effortlessly blending luxury and nature, it is a haven of relaxation unlike any other.

The hot tub area transcends the traditional boundaries of indoor and outdoor spaces.

It’s a portal to tranquility, where guests can unwind in a cocoon of warmth while being surrounded by the sights and sounds of the jungle.

The juxtaposition of modern comfort against the backdrop of nature creates an experience that is truly unique.

Living Area:

The ground floor unfolds into a spacious living area. An L-shaped dining table doubles as a remote workspace, accompanied by a generously sized smart TV.

The queen-sized bed area, strategically aligned with the TV, invites repose after a day of exploration.

The living area is a haven of versatility a space where work seamlessly transforms into leisure.

The carefully chosen furnishings and layout reflect a commitment to both comfort and functionality.

As you recline on the queen-sized bed, the smart TV becomes a portal to entertainment, completing the circle of relaxation.

The Outdoor Deck


Opening sliding glass doors reveals a small outdoor deck an intimate space amidst the captivating backyard setup. Privacy is paramount here, with no sight of other cabins or intrusions, allowing guests to relish the serenity in complete seclusion.

The outdoor deck is a testament to the art of privacy. Surrounded by the captivating beauty of the backyard, guests can immerse themselves in nature without compromising their personal space.

It’s a serene escape, where the outside world fades away, leaving only the soothing sounds of the jungle.

The Loft Experience


Venture upstairs to the loft, where a gas-powered fire pit, inviting chairs, and an additional deck await. Here, panoramic views of the gated community and the lush jungle create a captivating backdrop.

The loft is a testament to the seamless integration of luxury and seclusion.


The loft isn’t just a physical elevation; it’s a metaphorical ascent into a realm of elevated experiences. The gas-powered fire pit, comfortable chairs, and additional deck create a space that invites contemplation and connection. It’s a vantage point from which to appreciate the grandeur of the surroundings.


Quinta Borba and its crown jewel, Chale Guarapuvu, transcend the ordinary. More than a temporary escape, it’s an immersive experience a sanctuary where nature’s grandeur and architectural elegance intertwine.

As the tour concludes, the lingering memories affirm that this Tropical A-Frame cabin is not just accommodation; it’s an unparalleled journey into the heart of Florianopolis’ enchanting landscape.

Beyond the bamboo threshold lies an experience waiting to be discovered a quintessential haven where elegance and nature dance in harmony, leaving an indelible mark on every traveler fortunate enough to cross its threshold.

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